The New & Improved Grand Mesa Grill Cart

When Matchless Cabinet was born in 2021, the mission was "To create the world's most loyal, one-time customers." Our products are built for a lifetime of use, which limits the amount of repeat customers that we see. This makes it very important that we delight and exceed expectations so that you are happy with this purchase for the many years that you will own your Matchless products. 

So while many of our customers will only make a single purchase from us, that loyalty resonates in the glowing reviews and referrals that we receive on a daily basis. Our biggest thrill here is receiving an email or phone call, sometimes months after a purchase just to tell us how much you love your Matchless outdoor kitchen or grill cart; how you are using it and how it's a centerpiece in your family's outdoor activities. And we simply love being a part of that experience. Thanks for making us a part of your family. 

Along with that come suggestions from time to time on how we can improve our products. It would be easy to dismiss that feedback,  knowing most will never make a second purchase to experience any changes with our products.

But that just wouldn't be right, would it? 

Grand Mesa 2.0

Since our very first day, the Grand Mesa has been our most popular product, providing an unmatched value and utility in the grill cart space. We have seen nearly every combo of our 12 colors and support for all your favorite grills: Primo, and Big Green Egg, and Kamado Joe.... and even some others that we weren't expecting.

Over the last 2 years we've found a few ways to improve upon that, and we're excited to share these subtle - but great - changes that will ship with all new orders starting immediately. 

And if you're wondering what this does to our prices, no worries there. Other than one new optional add-on, the price remains the same, and we still offer free shipping in the continental US.

Let's take a look at what we've done.....

What's New?

Side Shelves (finally!)

(Shown on the Duo Cart)

What's more awesome than gaining some space around your kamado grill? Even more space.

Our first add-on accessory for all Matchless grill carts, this new folding side shelf is color matched to your top and even has some utensil hooks formed into it. 

Even better, you can mount them to either side of the cart - no worries about the towel handle on the left being in the way, the side shelf moves up and around it, and then stows down nearly flat when not in use.

And for those of you who already own a Grand Mesa, we thought of you as well. You can add it on to your existing models - they are available for order here.


First up, you'll notice the right hand side of the cart is now a single door, but we haven't gotten rid of the drawer!

Open up that door and you'll still find a utensil drawer and two wastebaskets. 

This change gives the front of the cart a cleaner overall look and symmetry.

It also allows us to do something else we've been asked about a lot: to make the waste cans optional.

Waste Cans

Some of you want to use this space for other storage, and don't have a need for trash and recycling in the unit. 

Fine by us! 

You can completely remove the drawer and have out of the way.

But if you still want to utilize the drawer, just pull those cans out and drop in the loose shelf bottom over the cutouts that we ship with the cart. Voila! extra shelf. 

And the space underneath is still usable for storing bulky items (like the Grand Mesa Cover)

More Grill Options

With our new integrated Ceramic Grill Shelf Riser, you can fit smaller options like the Kamado Joe Jr into our carts easily. 

And not sure if you need the "feet" or not? Our 1" riser makes a great base to put under your grill for some added airflow underneath. But you're fine without it, too. We promise. Let's not start that debate.

This piece comes included for the Big Green Egg MiniMax, Big Green Egg Small, Kamado Joe Jr, and Primo Oval Jr.

Just look at all this great storage! And if you look really closely, we've added a stainless steel bottle opener to the inside of the left door, under the paper towel holder as well.

They see me rollin'.....

New Casters

Were our casters great before? Yes, very.

Was that good enough? No.

These new casters have an easier to use locking mechanism, while still maintaining that smooth ride the Grand Mesa has always had. Like floating on a cloud....

Don't forget the flair.

Yes, we're a little proud of this cart. We wanted to make sure our name and logo was on it, and we've added this subtle nameplate the the countertop edge. 

It's color matched to your top, and the logo is laser etched to let the aluminum underneath shine through. And because it's aluminum, it will never rust or corrode.

But what about your other carts?

Not to leave anyone out, we have made these changes across most of the product line.

Our Sierra Grill Cart, and Duo Grill cart are all receiving the new casters, folding side shelf option, bottle opener, and new Matchless nameplate. 

We can't wait to see how much you love these changes, and to get your feedback. But most importantly, we want to get those photos and stories of how you are bonding over cooking with friends and family. And the food photos. Don't forget the food photos.

Thanks for letting us have this experience of being a part of your lives.

Jason Taylor
President, Matchless Cabinet

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