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Silver Rocket Tail Gater Grill

Who doesn't want to take the best grilling experience on the road, to the pre-game, or on your next camping trip? Literally everyone wants to do that, and now they can! 

Experience all the joys of the Silver Rocket grilling experience from the comforts of your truck bed.

This high-quality all-in-one cooking unit with unsurpassed heat containment has been designed and manufactured by a group of Amish metalworkers at Sunrise Metal Shop since 2014. Beloved amongst the Amish community in the upper midwest, Matchless is excited to be one of the first online sales outlets for this incredible cooker.

Small Silver Rocket
  • Approximately 8" x 11" grilling surface - 85 square inches (more than a Mini Big Green Egg) allows you to cook a few burgers or dogs, or a couple of steaks.

  • Includes Ash Scraper, Grill Tool, removable vent plate, and side handles.



 Extreme Insulation The Silver Rocket are insulated using firebricks, high temperature gaskets, and ceramic blanketing. This manufacturing technique has been perfected over nearly 60 years of experience building evaporators for the maple syrup industry. Heat loss is drastically reduced, making the Silver Rocket the most consistent and efficient grill available.

Precise Controls Draft control through our stainless steel dampers allow for perfect control over temperature throughout the smoking or grilling process, even in bitter winter cold. Upper and lower vents allow for even heat and smoke containment. Our Tru-Temp Thermometers provide accuracy to within a single degree so you can be confident in your grill.

Lifetime Quality All of our Silver Rocket grills are constructed from 16 gauge brushed 304 stainless steel including many of the optional accessories. They will never rust and never crack and neither will our solid bar grates.
Safety Unlike a traditional grill, the extreme insulation of a Silver Rocket allows the outside of the unit to remain relatively cool, reducing the risk of accidental burns.


About Sunrise Metal

Sunrise Metal Shop in Topeka, Indiana spent 60 years building evaporators and furnace arches for the maple syrup industry. These years saw the development of the engineering and technology used in the Silver Rocket and Sonic Rocket Grill. Maple syrup requires precise temperature control, extreme efficiency, regulated even heat, and construction that holds up year after year. The very first evaporator we built in 1968 is still in use one mile from our shop.

It is this pursuit of excellence and quality that led to the creation of the Silver Rocket and Sonic Rocket. We took everything we learned from thousands of evaporator builds and poured it into the finest grill on the market. There is no other grill like a Silver Rocket or Sonic Rocket. 

Today, we continue our pursuit of perfection by producing our own, natural lump hardwood charcoal for use in our grills.


175 lb


Free Shipping to the United States - lower 48 states only.


Manufacturer's Warranty

Stainless Steel Cover, Base, and Legs: 10 years
All remaining parts: 2 years

For more information, contact:

Sunrise Metal Shop
Customer Service Center
3070 W 350 S
Topeka, IN 46571

Returns and Refunds

With the exception of damaged items or warranty, returns are not accepted without authorization from Matchless Cabinet. Contact us at for more information or to request a return merchandise authorization.


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