About Matchless Cabinet

Matchless Cabinet is headquartered in Overland Park, KS, and is the exclusive online retailer of aluminum cabinets from Rock Run Cabinetry

Our cabinets are designed for your unique indoor and outdoor spaces - outdoor kitchens, garages, workshops, commercial applications and utility. 

We started Matchless Cabinet with the belief that designing and building your unique space should be easy and affordable, with transparent pricing and no-haggle sales.

All products may be directly purchased from this website; but if you need help in designing or configuring your order, we will happily do so at no charge. Need help in picking the perfect colors? We are happy to provide opinions on that as well, provided pictures of your space and furnishings and accessories.

Our mission is to make this easy and transparent process easy for anyone with an idea and a tape measure! 

Meet Our Team

  • Jason Taylor, Owner

    No stranger to DIY home projects, Jason was on the search for a solution that met his criteria for cabinetry for outdoor spaces.

    Finding an un-met need in the market and price point, Jason decided to leverage his 15+ years of experience in information technology to deliver a world class online purchasing experience for DIY indoor/outdoor cabinetry.

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  • Lindsay Taylor, Owner

    Lindsay works as a home staging and organization consultant. She enjoys using her decorating talents to help people turn their house into a cherished place they call "home."

    Through design, Lindsay emphasizes that organization can be easy, functional, and stay within budget.