Matchless Cabinet now available in Canada!


We are happy to announce that Matchless Cabinet's outstanding grill carts and modular cabinetry are available to Canadian customers.

How will you ship? What are customs and taxes?

Any duties, taxes, and freight will be calculated at checkout. Checkout currency is in USD.

Cabinetry and cart shipments will come by LTL freight, Delivery Duty Paid.

Note that lead times for delivery may be extended. Read more here

What products are available?

All of our great Grill Carts and cabinets are available, including our Patio Line cabinetry for outdoors. Design and build online in our Matchless Planner.

At this time, we are not shipping grills or other appliances.

How do you handle returns and exchanges?

Returns and exchanges are detailed by our policy here.

We're looking forward to working with our neighbors to the north, and helping make their experience Matchless.

Jason Taylor
President, Matchless Cabinet