New Colors and Finishes for 2024


Every day, we hear from our customers how much they love our colors and finishes on our cabinets and carts. From the moment they first receive color samples, through delivery of the end product, these finishes are eye-catching, durable, and beautiful. You can always find a great color (or combo) that matches your decor and tastes.

With that in mind, we've taken feedback from our valued cusotmers, and analyzed what colors and combos are most popular, and looked at current trends to refresh our selections with some great new options. In this process, we have dropped a few colors that simply were not popular, or had more frequently purchased similar colors.

But first: what about [color I really liked or already own]?

In an effort to eliminate waste (we ship hundreds of samples every week), we have dropped a few colors either due to lack of interest, or similarities to another color. 

If you had not yet ordered, and we no longer have the color you had preferred, just contact us. For a limited time we will be able to accommodate the discontinued finishes on new orders.

For existing customers who may require warranty work, refinsh due to damage, or simply want to add on to their existing collection, we have supply available and will be able to take care of you, albeit with slightly longer lead times.

The New Lineup

We have some great new options this year, including matte finishes, which have been frequently requested. 

Additionally, we have made some changes to how finishes may be applied. Some finishes may only be used for cabinets, some only for countertops, and some for both. Some colors simply have had a name change, please see below for details.

Colors for Cabinets or Countertops

Colors for Cabinets Only

Colors for Countertops Only

Name Changes

  • Sam Grey Hammer becomes Charcoal
  • Java becomes Chestnut
  • Sky White Peel becomes Gloss White
  • Poly Black Peel becomes Gloss Black
  • Blue Peel becomes Gloss Blue

We can't wait to see these new colors roll out the door and into your backyards, patios, and decks. Please send us pictures and let us know if you'd like to be featured in our monthly newsletter and spotlight!

Jason Taylor
President, Matchless Cabinet