A different kind of cabinet, for a different kind of space.

At Matchless Cabinet, we believe that your outdoor living spaces, workspaces, and storage spaces deserve the same level of style, options, and function as you expect with traditional cabinetry. Our cabinets, engineered and manufactured by Rock Run Cabinetry were specifically designed to meet this need.

Using standard box sizes used in residential and commercial cabinetry, we bring all the options normally only available to interior cabinetry to wherever you need; in the form of durable, powder-coated aluminum.

Non-Corrosive | Non-Flammable
Pest-Resistant | Easy to Clean

Outdoor is our specialty.

Beautiful, durable, and weatherproof with support for all the major brands of grills, griddles, side burners and ceramic kamado grills.

Designing and building your outdoor kitchen has never been easier.

If you want to put them indoors, that's fine too.

Standard boxed sizes mean you are compatible with kitchen and bathroom configurations.

We carry over 50 base, upper, and closet cabient options, each with multiple widths and depths. Our full catalog has nearly 600 product options, assembled and ready to install when delivered to your door.

  • Grill and Kamado Cabinets

    The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen, our grill and kamado cabinets accommodate nearly any drop in grill or outdoor kitchen appliance, along with kamado grills such as Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and Primo.

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  • Base Cabinets

    Build a solid foundation on our standard sized, fully enclosed base cabinets. Door, drawer, corner, and sink options in dozens of configurations and sizes.

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  • Closet and Pantry

    Closet and Pantry cabinets maximize your space by going deep (up to 26") and wide (up to 36") - for bulky items, long items, and plenty of storage of your family's coats, shoes, and bags. Top it off with decor panels for a trim, finished built -in look.

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  • Overhead Cabinets

    In two different depths, with single door, double door, and corner options. Fully adjustable shelves. Combine with top decor panels for a trim, finished built-in look.

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